Life is experienced through stories; sound decisions are based on a careful examination of what is.  In this blog I aim to bring together well-formed arguments supported by research and data with the stories of people’s lives in order to explore new models to create a system of health and vitality that fully uses all the tools available to us.  This blog is for (and by!) everyone who is affected by the Western medical paradigm: MDs and acupuncturists, people who strive for a more just society and those seeking balms for their own suffering, economists and epidemiologists, yogis and investment bankers alike.

I’d love to hear your reactions to the research and stories shared here.  You can always comment on a blog post.  Also, if you are interested in contributing, I am always looking for more stories to share.  I am interested in stories of people’s encounters with different health paradigms, whether as practitioner or patient.  If you happen to be a researcher who is passionate about health and want to share your research, that would be highly valuable.  Send me a message via the form below with a couple sentences in the ‘Comments’ section describing yourself and what you want to write about and we can find a suitable arrangement.

Thanks for taking the time to stop by and read!


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