Editor’s story

I grew up in the verdant forests and hills of upstate New York, Ithaca to be precise.  I seem to gravitate toward college towns, and find myself settling into life here in Ann Arbor, MI.  I spent seven years doing epidemiology and systems biology research.  I even earned a PhD somewhere in there.  In those years, I gained respect for careful and honest use of data, reverence for the importance of communication to effect change, and wonder at the intertwined simplicity and complexity of dynamical systems.

I also learned a good deal about myself and what makes me feel whole, connected, and useful in this world.  I am a writer, a healer, a yogi, and a musician, among other things.  This blog lies at the confluence of many streams of my thoughts and practices.

I teach yoga (check out RussaYog, Yoga Bee Studio, and Prana2thePeople), edit scientific articles, and am studying to have healing hands at the Ann Arbor Institute of Massage Therapy.  To round out my life, I play klezmer and jazz clarinet, swing dance, cook delicious gluten-free food and share it with friends and family, and run this blog!


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